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Benefits of the Body Cushion

  • Supports the body on its bony structures and cradles the entire body without pressure.
  • Allows deep breathing with the abdominal recess and face crescent.
  • The face and neck are supported, thus in good alignment for relaxation.
  • It helps to decompress the spine, in turn relaxing tense muscles.
  • Adjusts to all body sizes and types.
  • The abdominal recess in the cushion provides a secure position for an infant.
  • Effective rehabilitation positioner for back pain.
  • Effective positioner for post-surgical treatments.
  • Effective for those suffering from abdominal bloating|discomfort.

The Body Cushion and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage on the Body Cushion (Orhopedic Positioner|Pregancy Cushion) allows the pregnant woman a massage face down on a completely supportive body cushion allowing maximum comfort and ultimate relaxation during her treatment.  When lying face down on the Body Cushion, your body weight is distributed in a way that you have no distinct sense of pressure and the spine is unloaded, decompressed, and the associated muscles relax. You are not guarding and can breathe easily with little or no restriction on the diaphragm. When you are in this ideal face down position, natural thoracic adjustments happen easily for optimal alignment.  

The Body Cushion supports the human form in all of its stages.  These specially shaped bolsters are shaped to conform to the positions and lines of the human form in a way that no flat massage table could ever achieve and it eliminates the need for pillows, rolled towels, and “one size fits all” pregnancy positioners. The cushions allow a pregnant woman to lie face down (or side lying) fully supported throughout the stages of her pregnancy without feeling pressure on her abdomin, allowing for deep breathing, decompression of the spine and relaxation.  It also provides support for breast feeding mothers.  It’s not unusual to hear comments like “I don’t feel pregnant any more” or “Can I take these home?” or "Can I just stay here all night?"

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Other Equipment:
  • High|Low Electric Tables
  • Adjustable face rests with memory foam cushions
  • Theratherm ~ moist heating pads with digital temperature controllers
  • Full surface fleece table warmers ~ keeps you warm and comfortable during your treatment
  • Bolsters|leg support cushions (small, medium, large)
  • End Range Loading adjustable belts